About Shedely

Hello, I am Shedely! Welcome to my blog!!  


I like  eating, and enjoying my free time to write. I share my lifestyle, the experiences I have had abroad and how i make a living online with my blog.

Why Blogging?

Generally in my free time, I did nothing than watching dramas. I always wanted to do something for myself and i was wondering how i can use my free time for something successful. 


After several months of searching i become with the ideas of writing about my lifestyle, my friends were always encouraging me and that really helps me a lot . 

The wonderful thing about blogging is how you constantly evolve what you learn, grow or interact with one another. With this blog I want to help people be more creative and make extra money online with blogging.

"Do something for yourself or take care of yourself isn't Selfish"

I think starting this blog will help me connect with people who are interested in making money with a blog.

I hope it inspires others on how they can make a change and be their own boss without wondering about their failures.





If you want to make a suggestion regarding this blog do not hesitate to share your ideas.

Thank you so much!



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