3 Hosts Software to Create a Website With a Limited Budget

How can you create a website for free?

Create a website for free? What to do? Which softwares to choose?

Lets find out the 3 awesome hosts software to create your website.

To create a website for free, first of all before you choose the software which is suitable for you, you should know why you want to create this website? Which audience you will be focus on? What will be your topics?

It is not only create a website and nothing else, if so you could have just writing a journal instead of wasting your time and money to create it.

The 3 hosts software:

A) Wordpress

Before creating a Wordpress site. You need to know the steps before you start.

-Buy a domain name and a server

-Install Wordpress.

-Choose and install a Wordpress theme.

-Create the structure of the site.

-Draft the content.

-Install the best plugins to get started.

-What is the price of a Wordpress site?

1) Buy a domain name and a server

First you will be asked to choose your domain name. The domain name is the domiciliation of your site. Very important for referencing the domain name should reflect your activity with the corresponding keywords or simply be named by the name of your company or your brand. It is better to choose a synthetic domain name so that Internet users remember it better.

2) Choose a theme

In your dashboard, click on "Appearances" then "themes", and then choose a free theme by clicking on "add". There are many sites to find free Wordpress themes.

3) Create the structure and pages of your site

Namely the management and creation of the pages of your site as well as their writing. You can have pages optimized for SEO by professionals or decide to write them. On your dashboard click on "article" then "add". You’ll see that article creation has a fairly simple interface for editing your articles.

B) Bluehost

Among the thousands of hosts that exist on the market, only 3 of them have won an official recommendation from the WordPress organization. One of them is Bluehost.

What makes Bluehost even more interesting is that they are not just a specialized WP host. They provide everything from hosting from simple blogs to advanced business e-commerce applications. With a limited budget $ 3.95 per month you can have your own website and domain.

What makes Bluehost so special?

Does the industry praise they have received mean that they are the right host for you? We decided to take a closer look.

What makes Bluehost plans attractive is their reputation as a cheap host and the ease of use of their interface and products. Novices and veterans will find their account! Additional options, such as free domains, marketing credits, and unlimited emails, make this provider an excellent candidate for the best host.

Domains, messaging and backups

Bluehost offers a personalized domain manager that helps with domain transfers, purchasing, monitoring and overall administration.

Unlimited email accounts come with all shared hosting plans, as well as POP3 and IMAP support and spam protection.

Each account is backed up daily, weekly and monthly, allowing you to restore your site to a previous state in case of problems. This is far better than taking over the development, content or design of your site from scratch.

C) Wix

Wix is a SAAS mode site creation software that helps you create a website for free that you can access and use directly from your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

I think Wix is a great solution if you need a site to showcase your business without having the time to learn the basics of HTML, or the money to get it done by an agency.

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