Life in Turkey as a foreigner!

Hi everyone, I am Shedely, strong and friendly girl living in Turkey.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is a completely different country from other countries, I know that some of you might be wondering why I chose Turkey, well yes you are right, so far I can't find answers to this choice. What is certain is that I enjoy the good times spent in this country rich in historical memories. Living abroad is not always easy. Moving to a country where people do not speak an international language (English) is more than difficult, if you do not speak their language which is Turkish, you can do nothing or even understand their tradition and their custom. Yes you can meet bad people, they can make fun of you, laugh at you although there is nothing funny but the fact that you are foreign says a lot.

Is living in Turkey easy or difficult?

Well, yes and no it all depends on the experiences you have had. Let me start with the good ones.

Since I came here as a student it made it a little bit easier, but that doesn't mean it was easy either. I lived in a dormitory with other foreigners who I had met for the first time. I was in a room with a French and an English speaker, so I had to use two languages at the same time.

I learned to love them, to understand them, to share their culture, their traditions, everything was new to me but I enjoyed and savored every moment spent with them because living in a foreign country where everything is different from yours can stress, depress and discourage you.

What is your best unforgettable moment in a foreign country?

If you traveled or lived in Turkey you surely know that Turks are very curious people, they want to know everything about you, the first question is where are you from? Why did you choose Turkey?

It may sound a little weird but it is the truth, and I told myself that it is their culture, the way they grew up and I am getting used to it.

I learned their language, Turkish, I got to know them and as soon as you speak their language they respect you, it is not the case for everyone but at least you can defend yourself. Turks think their language is difficult which is true, but as soon as they see that you make an effort to speak them in Turkish, they are completely surprised, there are some who congratulate you and others who despise you.

Some time ago I did not want to go out, I did not want them to despise me because I am a foreigner, as soon as I finished my classes at the University I went directly to the dormitory because I was afraid of their criticisms, their contempt, their mockery. My friends, also foreigners, told me not to pay attention to them, but I could not help it because when you can speak and you understand what someone says about you , is difficult to bear.

But over time, I learned to overcome my fear and enjoy the best side of this historical country.

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