7 ways to make money online with Blogging

Is having a profitable blog possible?

Yes of course ! You can make money (and comfortably) by blogging, but you have to adapt to demand and competition which have evolved well. So how do you make money with your blog?

You are certainly aware that a blog can make you money. Many people even create a blog often with this in mind and really think about it. When your blog receives enough visitors then this is a possibility.

You are wondering if you can benefit from it. Yes, it is possible to get out of the game by earning some additional income, but some bloggers manage to earn huge sums.

There are various methods for earning income blogging.

1) Freelancing

Freelance work like any other professional activity has both advantages and disadvantages. The requirements of this type of profession mean that it is not accessible to all professional profiles. Certain qualities are necessary to become a freelance.

By choosing to become a freelancer, you will certainly be more free to choose (time, place, hierarchy). However, before starting your business, you must create or be part of a network of professionals. This network gives you access to new customers and business partners. Indeed, the recruitment of a freelance is done most of the time on the recommendation. It is also common to win contracts via specialized platforms (Upwork, Textbroker, Freelancer etc.)

2) Write Contents (Articles)

Today, thanks to the internet, the sources of remuneration have multiplied. The profession of journalist has also evolved enormously and has become more democratic with the development of news websites, blogs, etc. One of the most successful professions is certainly that of web editor. By choosing this activity, you will not become a millionaire overnight, but it is a great source for earning money.

First, you don't have to wait until you get your first contract to start writing. From home, start writing articles, texts, short, long, on various subjects and in different styles. The best way to get started is to start your own blog. This is indeed the best way to start publishing your first articles. You will meet your first readers there. However, at this stage, earning money will be forgotten. But be patient!

3) Affiliate Programs

The affiliate program is a way that millions of people use to earn money. It’s a kind of improved sponsorship. With affiliation, you sell products that belong to someone else, and earn a commission for each sale. This is one of the best ways to make money from online sales without having to create a product.

The big challenge of affiliation is to find a good product, a product that is both qualitative and salable. A quality product that can be sold online and earns you a commission high enough to make good money and income.

In affiliation, as you do not sell your own products, you do not necessarily know them well. So take care to find a quality seller who has been doing a good job for over a year or a seller with thousands of sales.

Examples of affiliate programs:




-Amazon Affiliate

a) Clickbank

You've probably seen some super affiliates earning a lot of money promoting Clickbank products. And you also want to learn how to make money with Clickbank.

With just zero dollars, you can make money online today with affiliate marketing using Clickbank.

You've probably seen some super affiliates earning a lot of money promoting Clickbank products. And you also want to learn how to make money with Clickbank.

With just zero dollars, you can make money online today with affiliate marketing using Clickbank.

What is Clickbank?

Now, if you're here, you probably know what Clickbank is, but if you don't know, it's an affiliate website where people download their products. You can promote these products for a commission and Clickbank has all kinds of niches that you can promote.

How To Find The Most Profitable Clickbank Products to promote?

Finding a product accounts for 90% of the work.

If you get the right product to promote, you will get an excellent conversion and therefore a huge profit.

But how do you find the most profitable Clickbank products to promote?

-First tip to allow you to find a niche with which you are comfortable or to manage this niche in the long term.

-Log into your Clickbank dashboard and go to "Marketplace"

If you don't have a Clickbank account, you can sign up here. It's free to register.

Just provide the details as requested and you're ready to go.

b) Bluehost

What makes Bluehost even more interesting is that they are not just a specialized WP host. They provide everything from hosting from simple blogs to advanced business e-commerce applications.

Almost every web hosting company offers affiliate programs. Bluehost affiliate program is probably the best as it offers one of the highest commissions to affiliate marketers.

Let me tell you that Bluehost is one of the most reputed and popular web hosting companies. Anyone setting up a website would need the services of a web hosting company.

So, it makes a lot of sense to know how to make money with Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate Program. Moreover, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and can’t figure out what to promote to earn a decent amount, let me tell you that Bluehost Affiliate Program give you a serious opportunity to make big sums of commission.

Things you will prior if you want to join Bluehost Affiliate Program:

Get ready your tax information

Paypal account

c) Udemy

It is a site where people can create courses and through the Udemy affiliate program, you (as an affiliate) can leverage these products to sell to your audience for a handsome commission on each course you sell.

As a Udemy affiliate, you have access to thousands of courses created by the world's top experts. Use your Udemy affiliate links! Promote on your site or blog! Earn money for purchases!

As an affiliate, you can earn 40% off any course that you sell. This percentage is pretty good in this industry; you are basically earning nearly half as much the course creators earn.

Other programs similar to the Udemy pay around 15%, so Udemy is definitely on the higher range of commissions for online courses.

In fact, the only affiliate program that offers more than Udemy would be the Treehouse affiliate program which pays 50% commission rates.

4) Blog Advertisement

Advertising on the internet is a little more complex than it can be on TV or in the press. An advertiser (a brand) buys advertising space from a publisher (the media). He puts his ad on it and crosses his fingers so that people who see it move to the nearest store to buy his product.

Advertisers therefore get a better return on the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and their marketing experts can wallow in the numbers and make beautiful graphics with all these stats (GoogleAdsense, Banners).

5) Selling Your Own Products

Once you have created your product whether it is an e-book or video training, you are going to have to present it. To present your product and make visitors to your blog want to buy your product, you need to create a sales page. The function of a sales page is to show visitors to your blog that you can help them achieve a result.

Once your sales page is finished with your product on sale, you're going to need to attract interested people who will come to your sales pages to buy your products. To get visitors to your blog, you're going to need your Google friend.

Google will allow you to bring people who are looking for solutions to a problem to your blog and then it will be up to you to redirect them to the purchase of your information products.

6) Selling Your Own Service

Make money by offering your services in your spare time. You have some free time in front of you and you want to either: sell your service to Udimi.

What is Udimi?

Udimi is a marketplace for solo ad sellers and buyers. The site is free to sign up and what I like most about Udimi is how fast you can get started with it. You can offer your service and you can earn extra money with this website.-transmit your skills to a third party (for example: give computer courses, sewing, English, offer video montages, etc.)

7) Pinterest

To optimize your visibility on the Internet, it is necessary today, even essential, to be present on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the most recent social bookmarking and already among the top ten social networking sites. 40% of all social media sales come from Pinterest! It is currently the fastest growing social network. Also note that Pinterest receives an average of 1.36 million visitors per day and has more than 12 million users.

How it works ?

It's simple to create tables on areas of interest. For example for your blog it could be:

- a blog article table on marketing

- inspirational quote

- video marketing

- success story

Then, you will have to add pins. These are the images that you will add in the tables. You can either add your own images or add any image found on the internet.

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