My Top 5 Travel Destinations in Turkey

Turkey before becoming a Republic was called the Ottoman Empire. It has a very wide variety of destinations such as historic places, archaeological areas but also many seaside resorts along the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. Here is the list of my 5 travel destinations in Turkey. It can vary from one person to another, but if you are thinking of visiting Turkey I highly recommend you these places.

1) Istanbul Istanbul was the capital of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire and is divided into two parts by the Bosphorus Strait: one Asian and the other European. Its prodigious history and its dense economic activity are due to its particular situation, with the crossing of two currents of civilization: that extending from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and that extending from Europe to Asia. Until the year 330, the city was called Byzantium then, in 1453, Constantinople. Its current name, Istanbul, dates from March 28, 1930. The vast majority of its population is of Muslim faith, with Christian and Jewish minorities. From a religious point of view, the city is also the seat of the ecumenical patriarchate of Constantinople, the head of the Orthodox church. This city has wonderful places to visit like The Blue Mosque, The Topkapi Palace, The Hagia Sophia Museum, The Grand Bazaar etc. I recommend them to you, it's really great to visit them.

2) Izmir Izmir was formerly known as Smyrna. It is the second largest port in Turkey (after Istanbul), and the third city in inhabitants (5.3 million Smyrniotes in 2009, with the agglomeration). It is located on the Aegean Sea near the Gulf of Izmir. It is located about 50 km from Selçuk and Ephesus and about as much from the Cesme peninsula. Without being a tourist destination, Izmir is still an interesting city, with a waterfront that has recently been laid out for pedestrians, a large bazaar, museums and vestiges of the ancient agora.

3) Antalya Antalya, was founded by the king of Pergamum Attale II (159-138 BC), which gave it its name Attaleia on, at present location Antalya. At the bottom of a gulf dominated by the Taurus mountains and nicknamed the Turkish Riviera. Antalya, with its wide boulevards bordered by palm trees and its old quarter (Kaleici), the main town on the Mediterranean coast will seduce you with its beaches, parks, shops and cultural activities. Antalya marina is considered one of the most beautiful in Turkey. This leisure center meets all the needs of tourists with its many souvenir shops, its friendly cafes and restaurants as well as its yacht facilities. Sail in the morning and enjoy the restful calm of the marina in the afternoon. At night, the illuminated walls of the old town give it an atmosphere of serenity.

4) Cappadocia Located a thousand meters above sea level on the highlands, Cappadocia offers a breathtaking view of impressive reliefs where canyons and caves, ancient volcanoes and rock cones join: The legendary fairy chimneys. This site, home to a civilization older than 3000 years, deserves a particular interest: Its history can be read through old churches dating from the 5th century, hundreds of underground cities built from stone and monasteries built in the heart of the rock, testifying to an amazing life and intelligence dating back to the time of prehistory. We can clearly see the passage of the monks and Christians, who fled the Romans, took shelter in its primitive but oh so grandiose dwellings. Certainly, this site is well worth the trip! It is not at all surprising to see tourists and hikers flocking there.

5) Mardin

Mardin is one of the most different cities you can see because of its cultural and geographic aspect. It is located in the southeast of Anatolia. The city overlooking the plain of Mesopotamia attracts attention with its architecture and takes visitors to the mystical history of the east that arouses curiosity.

Mardin, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, is a city with different beliefs and civilizations and a deep history. The first settlements in the city date back 3000 years. The city was dominated respectively by the Assyrians, Hittites, Urarteans and the Medes. It then passed under the sovereignty of the Romans who seized Anatolia, then the Byzantines before becoming Turkish territory in the 11th century. In the city, it is the houses built of yellow limestone that draw the main attention. The doors of these famous houses overlook the plain of Mesopotamia.

There are many places to visit in Mardin which is like an open air museum. One of them is the ancient city of Dara. Dara, which is a former place of residence in Mesopotamia, like Mardin, impresses above all with its underground city 40 meters deep. The town’s mill, church, market and cisterns are also impressive.

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