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Updated: May 13

Life abroad as a student can be different from person to person. The experiences lived, the difficulties encountered in a foreign country are not always the same for everyone. I can get used to any culture easily, the main thing is to respect me the same as i do.

- At the dorm

Student life in Turkey is a bit complicated, you get that feeling of discouragement every time you meet people on the street, that feeling of unwelcome. In the dormitory, it was difficult to have friends, they avoid us at all times. Especially in the private dormitories we couldn't be in the same room as the Turks, firstly there is culture differences, secondly the non-respect of others and their customs too. We really wanted to approach them but we had no choice to respect the rules of the dormitory.

Of course, you will certainly find respectful and friendly students, but not all the time. In the dormitory canteen, I always sat with foreign friends despite the fact that our cultures were different but we got along very well.

- At University

Students always get exited when they are applying at the university, but i didn't. One day, I was at university I was taking a course in Health Economics, there were only 3 of us in the class (one Turkish and two foreigners), at the end we were going out and heading back home, surprisingly we noticed that everybody was stared at us it looks like they saw a ghost, i didn't know what was going on in their minds at that time but i was sure they were wondering where does foreigners come from? why are they different from us?

It is normal to be curious, but not approaching us by creating this barrier, had affected us much more.

Sometimes we wanted to talk to them but it was always difficult to create a friendship with them, they didn't want to know anything about strangers. They just wanted to know where we come from, that's all. I was devastated and then this feeling of indifference started, I didn't want to talk to them anymore and to know anything about them. I didn't want to be mean, but there is a physical theory that says "water takes the form of the container that holds it." Sometimes people can change you without noticing it. After thinking about it several times, i decided to ask one of my friends who were also foreigners. When I asked them, they told me they are going through the same problem. But why? Why did I get along very well with other foreign students and not the Turks?

Is it because I don't speak Turkish? but no, I learned the language since my lessons were in Turkish. The culture difference? yes but that can't prevent someone from creating a friendship with others. Anyway i couldn't get any answer.

- Turkish language

Their official language is Turkish and people feel more comfortable speaking to you in their own language than using a foreign one. One thing is certain, if you do not speak Turkish, you will face more daily difficulties in your student life and things can be more hard than you think. For those who don't know Turkey does not have a second language, you will find some people who can barely communicate a few words in English. I remember I wanted to register at the university, I didn't know Turkish at that time, I couldn't find someone who could help me and i was waiting for hours and hours. After waiting more than an hour, finally I noticed another foreign student, a good samaritan who saved me and I asked him if he did speak Turkish, luckily he did and i was so thankful for that. Hadn't been him i wouldn't be able to register that day.

Thank you for reading my student life experiences!

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